WINONA, Texas (KETK) – Monday marks one year since the tragic shooting in Winona that claimed the life of a beloved pastor.  

Members of the Starrville Methodist Church say they are still healing from this loss. It’s a quiet day at Starrville Methodist Church, a stark difference from Jan. 3, 2021. 

Mytrez Woolen was reportedly leading police on a chase when he attempted to hide from law enforcement. Mark McWilliams found him on the property that morning and investigators say Woolen opened fire, killing the beloved pastor.  

“We lost a great leader that day. He was a very dynamic preacher that preached right out of the word of God,” said Mike Sellars, a member of the congregation and victim of the shooting. 

During the incident, Sellars was told by the pastor to call 911, but ended up also being shot at. He was shot six times. 

“I’ve got a second chance you know, to make good on the reason that I was saved,” said Sellars. 

Though the road to healing isn’t an easy one, Sellars says what gets him through every day is faith. 

“Injuries were pretty severe, and I was losing consciousness but calling on the Lord all the time to save me and he did,” added Sellars.  

He spent 17 days in the hospital and one year later, Sellars is still working through the physical pain.

“I’ve got use of my arm again which is great,” he said, waving it around and smiling. 

He continues to keep a positive outlook on life. Sellars’ arm is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in the shoulder.   

Sellars has also found healing through music, calling the piano therapeutic. He says it helps his arm and mind through a tragedy that will stay with him for life. 

Woolen has since been found incompetent to stand trial and the case has been put on hold.  

On Sunday, the church will hold a memorial service for Pastor McWilliams, dedicating a piece of ground in his honor.