MARSHALL, Texas (KETK) – About 144,000 gallons of wastewater were spilled in Marshall.

Officials were notified of the situation on Monday, Aug. 15 around 4:30 p.m.

The spill was in the 1800 block of Elysian Fields Road and leaking from a 21″ clay tile pipe that broke on the west side of 8-mile creek and was encased in concrete.

City crews flushed the area with water from a fire hydrant and poured granular chlorine on it as well to dilute the wastewater. Officials broke through concrete from the side walls and had to avoid a Kinder Morgan gas line while they accessed the sewer line.

The sewer line was fixed on Aug. 17.

A 9′ section of pipe was replaced, but no fittings were available to attach to the new section of pipe. City employees then constructed parts to put the pipes together. About 350,000 gallons of potable water was mixed with chlorine to disinfect the area.

The spill stayed in the eight mile creek area. The city said they will check on the area weekly or monthly due to the location.