TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Tyler couple was arrested in connection to a child abuse case after their 3-year-old tested positive for meth, according to court documents.

Brandy Jaco, 31, and Gary Phillips, 30, were taken into custody on Sept. 27 and charged with endangering a child. The child also tested positive for marijuana, said the sheriff’s office.

The couple went under investigation after deputies with the sheriff’s office responded to a disturbance at their home and discovered their child was on an active safety alert check list.

The deputies then contacted CPS, and their investigation found that “drugs are being used and sold in the home in the presence of the child.”

A CPS investigator said when she went to the home Phillips was home alone and denied using or dealing drugs. He also told the investigator that “he was released from jail in February and is on parole.”

“A family member informed CPS that Brandy hides in the house when CPS attempts to contact and stated Brandy is pregnant,” court documents said.

In an interview with CPS, court documents state Jaco said she evaded CPS because she doesn’t like them and had not done drugs in years. The CPS supervisor noted that during the interview “she appeared under the influence, rocking back and forth, had a distracting gaze and was sniffling.”

According to court documents, after the child was removed from the home the couple continued to be uncooperative, refused to drug test and falsely claimed to be represented by an attorney.

Jaco’s bond was set at $200,000 and Phillips was set at $300,000. Officials with the sheriff’s office said they are still actively investigating the case.

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