TYLER, Texas (KETK)- Two East Texas teenagers have quite a story to tell.

They recently reeled in a monster catch in Smith County.

In the quiet waters of Lake Tyler lurk beasts that might blow your mind.

For these two Troup teenagers, this amazing catch was an accident.

“So we actually threw it out there intentionally as a joke, because we were like we’re not going to catch anything big right here. We didn’t use the size of hook we should have,” said 14-year-old Jakob Hardy.

They caught this massive catfish with a tiny fishing pole. The boys weren’t afraid to battle the beast.

“Oh, it was pretty wild,” said Hardy.

The monster was more than four feet long and weighed 55 lbs. It made the teenagers feel proud of their work.

“When we finally got the bite, then it was like a feeling of accomplishment that we could finally get it done,” said 13-year-old Luke Skillern.

He credits his lucky hook for the situation to not getting too fishy.

Once they finally had the beast, Hardy called his dad for help.

“When he called him, he didn’t really didn’t think it was big. I think he (was) thinking around 30, 25, somewhere around there,” said Skillern.

After several pictures were taken and adrenaline had died down, they released the fish back into the water to swim another day.

A framed picture of their catch will be hung inside the Lake Tyler Marina.