DAINGERFIELD, Texas (KETK) – Two East Texas women received a Lifesaving Award from the Texas Department of Public Safety for their efforts in saving the life of a baby.

DPS announced on Wednesday that Tina Cooper and Mayla Honeycutt, who work for the driver license division in Daingerfield were selected for this honor. In September of 2021, the two women were coming back from a training class in Texarkana when they saw an SUV stopped in the median of I-30.

A man was trying to flag down drivers for help and there was a woman carrying a baby in distress. Cooper and Honeycutt parked their car and started to help the woman.

They noticed the infant was unresponsive, so Cooper dialed 911 and Honeycutt started performing CPR. The women later switched positions and Cooper conducted mouth sweeps. The infant was then able to start breathing.

Cooper tried to keep the baby’s airway open and used a suction bulb to do this. Officials said paramedics later made it to the scene and helped the infant.

He was flown to a children’s hospital and officials said they believed he was going to make a full recovery.