LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — A middle school and a high school student in Longview were taken to the Gregg County Juvenile Detention Center on Monday after police were made aware of alleged threats made by the students to campuses in the city, officials said.

According to Longview Police Department, the allegations were investigated by members of two school districts and the police department, which resulted in the two juveniles being apprehended.

Police said that on Monday morning, an officer working at Pine Tree High School was made aware of a “threat of violence toward the school” made by a student on campus. A school resource officer at Longview ISD responded to allegations of a threat of violence made by a student of the Judson Middle School campus, police said.

According to authorities, the investigation revealed both threats to be valid and detectives with LPD obtained a directive to apprehend two students from a local judge on the charge of the threat of exhibition or use of a firearm.

The Longview Police Department said they are committed to the safety of all students on school campuses in Longview. LPD said that they work with the local ISD partners to investigate any and all threats made by any person against a school or students on any school campus.

Pine Tree ISD and Longview ISD released statements regarding the situation:

“As everyone understands, school safety is a top priority for Pine Tree ISD. Ensuring that safety means Pine Tree ISD must address all statements of a threatening nature immediately and aggressively. While we do realize many statements are made in haste and without thinking it through, these statements cannot be taken lightly and must be dealt with in a way to ensure student and staff safety. Through partnerships developed with the ISDs and Longview Police Department, these threats are aggressively investigated and if found to be in a direct violation of State law, Longview PD will take immediate action against the individual. Area Districts and Longview Police Department strongly encourage parents/guardians to talk to their kids concerning these types of statements. School districts and the Longview Police Department will aggressively and thoroughly investigate, and if warranted, charge any individual(s) that make any threat of violence against our schools.”

Pine Tree Independent School District

Longview ISD takes any potential threats with the utmost seriousness, and we are always glad to assist Longview Police Department and local authorities to keep our children safe. An investigation of this type takes top priority. Whatever the situation, we work with law enforcement to make sure students and staff members remain safe. Student safety is our highest priority, which is why we have processes and procedures in place to assess any threat to any of our campuses.”

Longview Independent School District

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