SHELBY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Two more people were arrested in connection to a Joaquin homicide that allegedly was a part of a “sacrifice.”

According to court documents, Allen Price, 37, and Teresa Louviere, 51, were both arrested for tampering with physical evidence for failing to report a human corpse.

The two had reported to the sheriff’s office on Nov. 13 that they believed “Ethan Myers had done something to Sarah Hopson” and that Myers and Hopson had stayed with them on County Road 3635 in Joaquin the day before.

The two told the sheriff’s office Myers, 26, “had been acting strange” since they last saw Hopson on Nov. 12, and noticed he had blood on him when he fled the home before they came to the sheriff’s office.

According to documents, Price and Louviere “stated they were concerned for Sarah Hopson’s safety.”

After authorities followed them to the scene, documents state a body was found wrapped in a carpet inside of a bedroom that was reported to have smelled and appeared like it was freshly painted.

While investigating the scene, deputies reported to have found Louviere’s truck parked outside the home when they arrived with both her and Price and “observed fresh white paint on Allen Price’s left pants leg.”

Myer’s mother later arrived at the scene and allegedly told authorities he was hiding in the woods and did not want to go back to jail, according to documents.

Using the Blue Star forensic solution, according to documents, blood was detected in the bedroom “showing handprints on the freshly painted door” and blood detected on the walls showed “wiping marks” as if someone had attempted to clean the walls.

“Allen Price advised investigators that Ethan Myers had been participating in cult activity,” according to documents.

Myers was arrested on charges of murder and evading arrest. Price and Louviere were arrested the same day for failing to report the existence or location of a human corpse.

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