HENDERSON COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Two people were taken into custody Monday night in Henderson County after an hours long standoff that resulted in an RV catching fire.

According to the sheriff, Eustace Police were conducting a traffic stop when a man, who police identified as Mike Downey, evaded them and fled on foot.

Several officers began attempting to locate Downey, and found he had barricaded himself inside a travel trailer. Officials said police then made contact, and Downey told them he had a hostage inside and displayed what appeared to be a long rifle to police.

Police then began negotiations, got Downey on the phone and tried to convince him to come out of the trailer. The sheriff said Downey kept agreeing to come out at a specific time, would push the time back, and became increasingly more agitated as negotiations continued.

While negotiating with Downey, police reported they could hear a woman, who has since been identified as in the background as Kristin Odell, and said she did not seem in distress. It was later confirmed Odell was in the car with Downey during the initial traffic stop and fled with him to the trailer.

While obtaining a search warrant for the trailer, the sheriff said responders noticed it had caught fire. Officials said Odell then emerged, and climbed onto the roof of the trailer.

Downey also climbed on top of the trailer, but while Odell complied with police and surrendered, officials said Downey refused to come down. According to the sheriff, officers shot three 40 mm less-lethal rounds at Downey, but “that didn’t receive much of a response.”

Officials said he then attempted to get back inside the trailer, but was not able to because it was on fire. Two officers then climbed on top of the trailer, tased Downey and took him into custody.

Responders then entered the trailer to make sure no one else was inside then began efforts to put out the growing trailer fire.

Odell was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant, evading arrest with a motor vehicle and evading arrest. Downey was arrested for an outstanding parole violation, evading arrest with a motor vehicle, evading arrest and officials said he could be facing more charges in the near future.

Both are set for arraignment on Tuesday at the Henderson County Jail, officials said.

Neither of the two taken into custody sustained injuries, and one officer sustained a laceration from attempting to detain Downey but no other injuries were reported.

The entire event lasted four hours according to officials, and the two were in the trailer for about three hours.

Agencies who responded to the scene: Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Eustace Police, Log Cabin Police, EMS, Henderson County Fire Marshal’s Office and Payne Springs Fire Rescue.

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