LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – A Longview man who has unsuccessfully run for city council twice and owns Longview I.T. was arrested Sunday for possession with intention to promote child pornography.

Bernd “Dutch” Deblouw, 37, was born in The Netherlands and moved to Texas after college, according to his campaign website. He was hired by the Longview Fire Department in 2010, but has since left the department and is now the owner of Longview I.T.

Deblouw has served the city in multiple capacities, including as the president of the zoning board of adjustment, and public safety was a key issue for his campaign, according to his website.

He currently serves on the planning and zoning commission.

“I come from a entrepreneurial family, we didn’t have things handed to us, we worked for them and reached the goals we set,” Deblouw said. “I believe I can bring that same spirit to the City of Longview, I believe in balanced budgets, shying away from debt and instead prioritizing issues at hand.”

His bond for the child pornography charge has been set a $50,000.

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