APPLE SPRINGS, Texas (KETK) – A 2-year-old from Apple Springs is on the miraculous road to recovery after a devastating accident.

Tessa Aycock’s mom said she noticed her daughter missing on Jan. 19 and they quickly began searching.

“When I heard my husband and my father-in-law yelling and screaming, I knew that they had found her in the pond. I just had a gut feeling so I started running,” said Tessa’s mother, Amanda Aycock.

2-year-old Tessa was underwater for an estimated 30 minutes. Amanda immediately started doing CPR on Tessa. Paramedics finally showed up but were unable to hear her heartbeat.

“They took over and about 10 minutes or so later while we were in the ambulance they got her heartbeat back,” Amanda said.

Tessa is now in Houston where she has undergone several surgeries.

“I walked over to her bed and I took her hand and I was talking to her, and she squeezed my hand, and that’s when I knew God’s got this. He’s always had it in His hands, but He’s going to pull her through this, and He absolutely has,” Amanda said.

Tessa’s parents were originally told their daughter was not going to make it, but she has proved the experts wrong.

“I asked people to stop what you are doing and Pray for Tessa, I said, right now. We need a miracle,” Amanda said.

Since then, 18,000 people have come together to show support for Tessa by praying, holding fundraisers and checking in daily. She has shown amazing improvements since her accident.

“She’s off the ventilator and breathing on her own,” a post on her GoFundMe stated. “She responds to all stimuli and is able to make sounds, move her extremities and track loved ones with her eyes. For her condition, Tessa’s improvements have been miraculous thanks to thousands upon thousands of prayers from those standing in the gap.”

She still has a long recovery ahead of her, with weeks of hospital stays and inpatient therapy with occupational and physical therapists.

“When all hope is lost, drop to your knees because He will come for you. He is the God that leaves the 99 to find the one,” Amanda said.

The family is looking into hyperbaric chamber therapy, which is not covered by insurance but the family believes it has sown amazing results in injuries similar to Tessa’s. The treatment is expensive and will be happening in the next few weeks.

“We know this is the best way to recover Tessa’s brain function and are begging for your help,” their GoFundMe said.

The pond Tessa was found in has since been drained. Tessa and her parents still have a long road ahead, but she is set to be released in a few days. If you would like to help the Aycock family, you can click this link for their GoFundMe.