LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Today is the 29th annual Dalton Days in Longview, remembering the 18-94 Dalton gang bank robbery and celebrating western heritage.

The infamous day in history, happened when the Dalton gang came down from Oklahoma to rob a local bank in Longview. They were getting away until the citizens of Longview decided to act and a massive shootout took place.

Over 250 bullets were fired in 15 minutes making it one of the top five shootouts in the history of the wild west. Only one of the four robbers got away that day.

“We reenact four reenactments of the bank robbery and since we are in an old bank So we just rob our own building. So we’ve structured it around a family friendly festival,” Lindsay Loy, executive director, Gregg County Historical Museum.

There are several exhibits across Longview, Kilgore and Gladewater show casing the robbery they’re open to the public year round.