OVERTON, Texas (KETK) – After a powerful city council meeting Thursday, the majority of the Overton City Council members submitted their letters of resignation. Since that night, three Overton City Council members have resigned.

James Alexander is the chairman of the Overton Municipal District.

“I’m afraid our city is going to fall apart,” said Alexander. “I mean, our infrastructure is falling apart already, and we’re looking to get that fixed. But, without our city government, we can’t do anything.”

Not having a full city government will affect many things.

“There’s no budgets. There’s no new projects. There’s nothing to get fixed anymore because the council can’t vote,” said Alexander. “I don’t know how long it’s going to take to get there and that’s what scares me is without that, how long before our city just stops working?”

At Thursday night’s city council meeting, officials announced that they just completed an audit from 2016. A small step forward with some work still ahead.

Cara Vanderklok is an Overton Citizen.

“We can’t even apply for grants at this time to help us with some of the infrastructure and those kinds of things because we’re behind on our audits that came from poor management from years back that started years ago; these aren’t new problems,” said Vanderklok.

The three resigning council members stated their reasons, including moral responsibility, ethics, lack of integrity, and conflicts of interest within the city government.

“As a citizen, I almost wish the state would come in,” said Vanderklok. “I wish they’d do a forensic audit of our whole system from top to bottom. Let’s clean it up. Let’s start cleaning up fresh if that’s what it is, but that sounds too good to be true.”

After concerns of corruption, people are torn on one side or another.

“We’re in a mess when people need to just step up and say, I’m gonna lay down my differences, and we’re going to find that common ground,” said Vanderklok.

The letters of resignation from city officials can be found below.