LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) — On Tuesday, three teachers at Spring Hill Intermediate School set up camp on the school’s rooftop to spend the night there for a cause.

The campout was a fun reward for students, they raised more than $10,000 through the school’s Kids Heart Challenge. 

“This benefits the American Heart Association and kids and adults with heart problems,” said Chris Peurifoy, PE Teacher.

Teachers told students if they reached their goal of ten thousand dollars they would get a surprise.

“They raised almost $12,000 dollars this year,” said Peurifoy.

The classes were stunned to learn their coaches would set up camp on the roof for a night.

“I would say mostly probably surprised and shocked that we were actually going to do it,” said Will Stewart, Head Tennis Coach.

Student ​Joshua Smith stopped by the campus this evening to show his support for his teachers. “

“A ton of excitement,” said, Smith.

He also had some advice for the night of camping.

“Stay safe, make sure you cover up at night,” said Smith.

From 5-8 p.m., students were able to watch all the fun through a Facebook live stream.

“They can comment on the live stream and we do shoutouts, things like that,” said Peurifoy.

He also had other faculty members come on to be interviewed for anyone that followed the live stream. They had more than 900 comments on the live stream.

The Blue Brigade High School band also came by to support, along with many students stopping by to wave from below and say hello.

“People coming by, you know, getting people involved with the school and with the community,” said Stewart.

It was an exciting night for Spring Hill Intermediate School and a great reward for teaching the importance of heart health.