TYLER, Texas (KETK) – As the decorations come down, many “help wanted” signs are still up. A record number of people quit their jobs during the holiday season. Experts are calling it the “Great Resignation.”

According to the Labor Department more than 4.6 million people quit their jobs in November. Unfair treatment at the workplace, the fear of getting COVID, seeking new scenery; all reasons why many Americans are quitting their jobs.

Here in East Texas, Papacitas, a restaurant in Tyler, is bouncing back after a tough year.

“Hiring wise, we have picked up quite a bit on hiring. We have been seeing an influx of people coming to hire we’re still not quite there,” says Audrey Deornellis, Assistant Manager.

Some around the country are filling part time and temporary jobs until they get into the career they feel is right for them.

For Papacitas, despite being almost fully staffed, they’re still in need of a few more workers.

“It’s harder to find full-time night crew. So our day time crew we’re pretty staffed up, but kitchen at night we are struggling a little bit,” says Deornellis.

Since November, there are 1.5 available jobs for each unemployed person, the most on record dating back two decades.

“It’s a lot less stressful, so I mean whenever what’s their own designated role and not trying to do two or three roles, we can do a better service and make customers are happy and the employees are happier,” says Deornellis.

Many employers are lifting wages and offering signing bonuses and other perks to entice workers at other companies to jumps ship and employees are taking advantage.

“It’s nice and exciting to see that we’re are getting back more normal than we are before,” says Deornellis.