TYLER, Texas (KETK) – East Texans in support of pro-life came together at the downtown Tyler square to push for a future of a post-Roe America. This year is the first time that the Texas Minority Coalition hosted both a march and rally here in Tyler.

“We know that abortion has become a political matter, but as Christians, this is way beyond just a political matter or governmental matter. This is a God and moral matter to us,” said President of Texas Minority Coalition, Stanley Cofer.

The coalition works to proclaim the message of faith, family and freedom with the desire to educate and inspire minorities across the State of Texas.

“As a minority, you know there’s been over 23 million babies aborted among African American women. So, we all have paid a price in America for doing such an evil thing concerning the innocent and unborn,” said Cofer.

The coalition partners with organizations like CARE Ministry and Living Alternatives to offer resources to women in times of need. Reports show that an increased number of Texas women are driving hours for abortion appointments in neighboring states.

“Here in East Texas, we do not have an abortion facility here in Tyler. So, they send people for abortions in the Fort Worth, Dallas and McKinney and then also over in Shreveport, Louisiana, and over there we just don’t know how many abortions happen to Texas residents ultimately,” said Director of Right to Life of East Texas, Mark Lee Dickson.

Other East Texas sanctuaries for the unborn include: Brownsboro, East Mountain, and Rusk just to name a few. The City of Chandler and Lindale are among the few waiting on the ordinance to be passed or rejected.

“20,000 unborn babies have been saved. 114 clinics have been closed, and 229 workers have left and have found better things to do”, said the leader of 40 Days For Life, Marianna Trzeciak.

The rally and march are an attempt to eventually overturn Roe v. Wade.