CANTON, Texas (KETK)- 95% of East Texas is classified under some type of drought right now. Three East Texas counties are under the worst category possible. But, what does this mean?

“We have had sales in June and July more than we have in the past years,” said Mike Lee, owner of M and D Feed Store in Canton.

He said this is usually his slow season.

“Well, usually as a feed store owner in July, the feed business is kind of on the lower end as far as volume and stuff,” said Lee.

He also said ranchers and farmers aren’t sure what to do in this drought to protect their livestock and crops.

“It’s kind of like, ‘do we sell? Do we not sell? Do you think you’re going to get some hay in?’ The livestock people are at a panic stage just not knowing,” said Lee.

Van Zandt, Henderson and northwest Anderson County are all under an exceptional drought warning, but some people might not know what that means.

“That area or that state has received substantially less rainfall than what’s normal for that area,” said Dr. Vanessa Corriher-Olson, a professor with Texas A&M Agrilife.

These areas are also most vulnerable to wildfires and first responders have been on countless calls already.

“In a drought, all of our vegetation is extremely dry and lacking moisture. That increases the risk of a fire starting very quickly,” said Corriher-Olson.

Lee and other East Texans are just trying to keep their livestock fed, their crops alive and their homes safe from fires.

“I just think a lot of times we leave it up to the Lord as far as we trust in him, and hopefully you know, (we) just pray a lot,” said Lee.

Officials said even if we do get rain, it will take at least a year for everything to get back to normal.