The pandemic has forced many East Texas schools and families to adapt in ways they never imagined. This includes Longview ISD.

The superintendent, Dr. James Wilcox, wants parents to know how the district plans to get students who fell behind back on track.

For the past year they have been fighting a hard battle, he said. But, this is almost over.

On April 12, all students are required to return to the classroom.

However, the situation at the district was different last year. KETK News was there as teachers and staff began COVID-19 testing last October.

They were one of the first districts in the state to conduct voluntarily testing on campus. Students were also tested with their parents’ permission.

Wilcox also said that now, almost everyone who needs their shot has had one.

Longview ISD was also one of the first districts to turn to remote learning. District leaders mention that from their 9,000 students only about 1,000 are not in class every day.

“We know that those students not being in school creates a learning loss and that learning loss is real. And those students need to be back in the classroom with their teachers, and everyday those students are out (it) hurts,” said Wilcox.

Additionally, this year the district’s graduation will be a week long event. People can also choose to have an individual ceremony.