TYLER, Texas (KETK) – As the last call came over the radio, silence filled the air. On Friday, Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith and hundreds of first responders mourned the loss of one of their own during the funeral for deputy Lorenzo Bustos, who died in the line of duty.

“My job, what I do everyday, I expect them to respond back to me. You know that’s the way transmission goes, so to hear the last call and knowing what it symbolizes, that he will never be able to make that response is just, it’s really emotional,” said Emilia Booker, Tyler police 911 dispatcher.

Booker has been a 911 operator in Tyler for years, and today she said goodbye to a man she used to speak with over the radio but never met face to face.

“I wanted to go out and show my support for the agency (and) for his family just so they knew how important his sacrifice was,” said Booker.

East Texans lined the roads with flags, and parents shared the importance of the day with their children.

“Everyone is willing to stand together for our people in action,” said Addison Storms, a Tyler resident.

She attended with her mom and stood on the side of the road with her family to honor deputy Bustos out of respect.

The procession was filled with hundreds of officers from Texas and Louisiana and made it’s way from Green Acres Baptist Church to the Tyler Memorial Cemetery.

“It means the person that died a lot of people loved him, and they respected him. They are here for that,” said Storms.

Each vehicle drove down Troup Highway with lights and sirens serving as a reminder of the dangers to protect and serve.