HAWKINS, Texas (KETK) — After four days without water in section three of the Holly Lake Ranch community, Liberty Utilities restored it Monday afternoon.

“Customers are receiving our water and it is safe to consume,” said Alison Vai, the Liberty Utilities Senior Manager of Communications in the West Region.

Vai said that the cause of the issue was an emergency.

“So, it was an emergency main break to that line that was feeding the homes in the area, it was around 81 customers,” said Vai.

One resident said he woke up around 6:30 Friday morning and had no water. He said he and his neighbors were grateful for the rain over the weekend.

“Well, I mean you can’t wash dishes, wash clothes, can’t bath we can’t flush our toilets,” Holly Lake Ranch resident Todd Miller said. “Fortunately, it rained yesterday, and everyone has been collecting rain in their buckets so we can pour them into our toilets and at least flush.”

The impact reaches beyond his home.

“Without water, you can’t do most of the things you do to show up for work,” said Miller.

Another community member was also concerned when the water went out.

“Nobody knew what was going on. My husband went around and looked because we have leaks back here constantly because it’s old plumbing,” said Constance Davis, a Holly Lake Ranch resident.

Without water, residents were struggling to do basic, daily things.

“I come home, I have to take a sponge bath, we can’t change our sheets because we’re so filthy,” said Davis.

In their days without water, residents were also afraid for the health of the neighborhood children and pets.

Liberty Utilities thanked the customers for their patience.

“We recognize the inconvenience of not having water. We do appreciate our customer’s patience during this whole time,” said Vai.

For anyone that was affected in Holly Lake Ranch, Liberty Utilities stated your water is safe to use and no longer on a boil water notice.