Ahead of incoming freeze in East Texas, remember the 4 P’s of winter weather prep

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – With a freeze expected next week, experts say there are some things you can do to protect plants around your home.

John Braun with Wilhite Landscape Salcido Lawn gave tips on how to take care of the plants in flower beds.

“A good coating of mulch in the beds– two or three inches of mulch will help insolate it against any kind of cold weather like that,” said Braun.

This helps protect the roots from a sharp temperature drop. Semi-tropical plants, like palms and bananas, may even need more protection.

Experts say another good precaution you can take before it gets cold is to just water your plants.

“Since the weather has been so mild lately, we’ve taken all of our inside plants outside just so they can enjoy this nice weather. When the temperatures reach the mid 40’s go ahead and bring your inside plants back inside the house,” said Braun.

Experts also say you should cover exposed pipes to prevent them from freezing. Cover your outdoor hose hook-ups, use pipe sleeves and leave your faucets dripping.  

It’s also important to remember to bring your pets inside.

“At first they’ll be very boisterous, they’re going to want to come inside. A lot of yipping and crying, then they’ll get real quiet when they get cold, just like someone freezing to death,” said Dr. Gary Spence, Spence and White Vet Clinic.

You can take steps now to protect your property, but most importantly, your family.

Remember to check on your family members, especially the elderly and make sure they have a proper heating source.

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