ALTO, Texas (KETK) — Alto ISD had its building dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday.

The school district unveiled its new high school building, the Alto High School Gymnasium, Devonte Mumphrey Basketball Court and the Booker T. Washington Elementary Gymnasium.

The Alto community is excited to finally be rebuilding.

George Martin is a member of the Booker T. Washington Alumni Association.

“It was destroyed by a tornado in 2019 so in the rebuilding process we approached the school board to more or less honor the Booker T Washington legacy by renaming the gym because it is sitting on the original site of the gym that was built in 1957,” said George Martin.

The school was not only suffering the loss of its campus buildings, but also a student’s life.

Jed Morris is on the Alto ISD Board of Trustees.

“We had the opportunity, the blessing today, to dedicate our new elementary gym, our new high school and our new gymnasium, as well as the court which was named in favor of a student we lost here recently,” said Jed Morris.

The student passed away after collapsing during a basketball game against Mount Enterprise this year, and the new basketball court is dedicated to him, The Devonte Mumphrey Basketball Court.

“We’re going to look back at the trial and realize the Lord had a lot better plan than we had. It was time and he helped it along the way,” said Morris.

Despite the trials, the Alto community remains positive.

“We’re just glad to be here and to see the community come together in a positive manner and enjoy and look toward a brighter future,” said Martin.

Weathering the storm together and looking toward a brighter future.

The new buildings were funded by a recent bond election that the community voted on.