Animal collisions in Texas up 19% from last year

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A report by the insurance company State Farm indicated that Texans saw an increase of more than 19% in animal collisions from last year.

The report also indicated that Texas ranks #3 in the country for most animal strikes with an estimated 131,300 reported cases. Pennsylvania came in first with 166,400 and Michigan in second with 132,400.

Texas currently ranks 34th in the nation for likelihood to have an animal collision, an increase from 2020 where it ranked 39th. This likelihood has also been steadily increasing year after year, going from 1 in 158 to 1 in 136. It should come as no surprise that the most common collision in the state happens with deer.

The most active months for animal collisions are October, November and December.

Here are some tips from State Farm on how to avoid animal collisions and what to do if it happens to you:


• Slow down at dusk and dawn, the most likely times of day to hit an animal.

• Pay attention to animal crossing signs, this indicates a large wildlife population.

• Don’t swerve! The most serious crashes occur because of swerving.

What if I crash?

• Move your vehicle, find a safe place and turn on your flashers to notify other drivers of your position.

• Call the police, let them know if anyone is hurt or if the animal is blocking the roadway.

• Take photographs, documenting the damage done to your car and any passengers to help with the claims process.

• Stay away from the animal, frightened or wounded animals can become very aggressive.

• Don’t assume your car is safe to drive. Look for leaking fluids, loose parts, tire damage, or other safety hazards – when in doubt, call a tow truck.

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