An anonymous donar gave a $1 million donation to the Rangerette organization, according to Kilgore College.

Prior to his death in 2007, Mike Miller, an alum and ardent supporter of Kilgore College, had the vision of creating this endowment fund for the Rangerettes.

The organization serves to support operations and travel expenses for the highly sought after dance/drill team.

Remembering the college and the Rangerettes in his will, Miller’s estate began contributing to the Mike Miller Rangerette Fund with the proviso that such contributions would be specifically earmarked for the Rangerettes until the endowment reached $1 million.

Earlier this year, someone made Mike’s dream a reality. The donor did not give their name.

The release from the college does not specify when the donation was received. 

The organization created a unique combination of dance moves and precision drills that quickly earned them the reputation not only as the originators of dance/drill teams, but as the best in the world.

Known for their high kicks and the jump splits, the organization has traveled around the world, entertained millions and spurred a multi-billion-dollar dance/drill team industry worldwide.