TYLER, Texas (KETK) — The internationally famous Tyler Junior College Apache Belles Dance team will be taking a trip to Ireland to perform in the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“Can I bring my hairspray,” said Audrey Smith, dance captain on the 75th line of Apache Belles. For many of the Apache Belles, it is their first time traveling abroad, and for some, their first time going on an airplane.

Making the long trip from Texas all the way to Ireland. “So excited to be able to go to a foreign country where I have never been and it’s such a huge parade,” said Katie Baggs, a sophomore dancer on the 75th line of Apache Belles.

The last time the Apache Belles performed there was all the way back in 2000. 

For this year’s parade and activities, they have been preparing for this trip for the last nine months.

“You know people here in the states celebrate St. Patrick’s day so to be able to celebrate there and experience that pride that they have in their country and their history is super exciting,” said Smith.

They’re bringing various styles of dance overseas. “A lot of performance opportunities, a lot of things to see,” said, Jasilyn Schaefer, the Director for TJS Apache Belles.

They’ll be hosting a workshop, participating in a cultural exchange, and of course, marching in the parade. The team is eager to visit a new country and show them a piece of Texas.

“You know how we wear red, white, and blue they are all in green, orange, and white and it is just green and orange everywhere from the hair and the outfits,” said Smith.

TJC is proud to educate its students beyond the classroom. They will be touring, sightseeing, and adventuring around Dublin. “When you travel, it brings your history books to life,” said Schaefer.

Looking forward to performing their passion in the city of Dublin. “I think that that’s once in a lifetime so, we are really excited,” said Baggs.

All while celebrating 75 years of the Belles.