ARP, Texas (KETK)– See You at the Pole, a student-led Christian event, began in a small Texas town in 1990 and has been going faithfully through today.

In present day, more than one million students across the globe meet on the fourth Wednesday of September each year to join in prayer. Wednesday, students at Arp High School gathered around the flagpoles to pray for the country, their district and their friends and family.

“[The] history of See You at the Pole, was students that were at a Disciple Now and went to their school’s flagpoles and prayed,” said Skylar King, senior and event organizer at Arp High School. “We stood around the flagpole this morning, we had some worship, we had prayer and we just kind of spread the gospel of that Jesus is joy.”

“Being able to see everybody here was awesome, it was amazing, you see how God can impact people’s lives and how many people are willing to be out here for him and not just for ourselves,” said Lane Gray, Junior.

Every year, a guest speaker is chosen to speak to students and this year, Matt Langley was chosen to take the stage.

“It’s really cool that we have a strong group of believers here that want to gather and want to worship,” said Matt Langley, coach, teacher and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) advisor at Arp High School. “[I] spoke on some of my favorite scriptures regarding prayer, which is what See You at the Pole is centered around.”