TYLER, Texas (KETK) – With more people getting vaccinated, people are unsure about how this year’s holiday season will look amid a pandemic. We are only weeks away from our next big holiday, Halloween.

One East Texas mom said she spends the spooky season at Lane’s Chapel Pumpkin Patch.

“We come here every year, and this is actually where we come to trick-or-treat too,” said Mary Huerta.

Trick-or-treating and haunted houses were next on the calendar. Diane Adkins, Huerta’s mother, enjoys spending time with her daughter and two granddaughters, Katie and Diana.

“My plan is to spend Halloween with my family over there, which is my daughter and my two granddaughters, and they’ve been excited about Halloween for, I’d say six months. So they’ve been changing their minds on what costumes they want, but we think we may have nailed it down, not sure,” said Adkins.

“What do you want to be for Halloween?” said Huerta to her daughter Diana.

“A scary ghost,” answered Diana.

“What do you want to be, baby?” said Huerta to Katie.

“A shirt,” said Katie.

“A shirt?? Do you want to be Elsa? I think she wants to be Elsa,” said Huerta.

People want to celebrate together during the holidays, but many are looking to experts for answers about if it is safe or not.

It does not matter whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine; no one wants to spend money on this years’ costume if nothing is going on.

“You can get out there. This is the time of the year that children love. This is a very important time of year for children,” said Anthony Fauci.

Since most Halloween festivities occur outdoors, COVID-19 case numbers are on the decline, and more people are getting vaccinated.

In the words of Anthony Fauci, “go out there and enjoy Halloween.”

“I think that it’s going to be a lot (more fun) Halloween. I noticed a lot more people are participating and just coming to pumpkin patches and stuff because I didn’t want them to miss out,” said Adkins.