TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The average gas price in Texas is $4.10 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel, according to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch. This is a new all-time record for the state.

The new price increased by 20 cents since the same day last week, and it is also $1.38 more per gallon than last year.

Drivers in El Paso are paying the most at $4.23 per gallon, and the lowest gas price can be found in Amarillo at $3.91 per gallon.

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $4.42. This is an increase of 17 cents compared to last week and the price grew $1.41 more than last year.

Pump prices continue to soar because of the increase in crude oil prices. A barrel of crude oil still costs more than $100, and the European Union could possibly add new sanctions on Russian oil. There is a fear that oil supply is being affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said AAA Texas.

Drivers filling up this week likely felt sticker shock as the price for a gallon of regular unleaded shot up 20 cents over the past week to a new record high for Texas,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Daniel Armbruster. “Continued expensive gasoline prices have many consumers thinking about buying more fuel-efficient or alternative fuel vehicles, and the new AAA Car Guide produced by AAA’s Automotive Research Center is now available to help them assess their options.”

AAA Tips to save money on fuel:

People can change some of their driving habits to try to save gas money. Here are some things drivers can do:

  • Slow down and drive the speed limit. Higher speeds result in more aerodynamic drag.
  • Avoid “jackrabbit” starts and hard accelerations. These actions greatly increase fuel consumption.
  • Use cruise control on the highway to help maintain a constant speed and save fuel. However, never use cruise control on slippery roads because a loss of vehicle control could result.
  • Minimize your use of air conditioning.
  • Avoid extended idling to warm up the engine, even in colder temperatures. It’s unnecessary and wastes fuel.
  • Download the AAA App to find the cheapest gas prices near you.
  • Maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular service will ensure optimum fuel economy.
  • Make sure your tires are properly maintained and inflated to the correct level. Discount Tire, for example, offers free air checks at their shops.
  •  When driving in town, adjust your speed to “time” the traffic lights. This reduces repeated braking and acceleration that consume additional fuel.
  • When approaching a red light or stop sign, take your foot off the gas early and allow your car to coast down to a slower speed until it is time to brake.