POLK COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A non-profit animal rescue based in Magnolia is asking for donations to nurse an injured bald eagle rescued in Polk County back to health.

Friends of Texas Wildlife posted about the eagle on their Facebook page and said it was down and no longer able to fly. Upon being rescued, they noticed the bird had a healing fracture near his right shoulder.

In order to heal, bald eagle won’t be able to fly for at least a month.

Nikki Richards the treasurer of Friends of Texas Wildlife said the eagle and the animals are expensive and that any size donation will help their team get the bird back in the sky.

“These kids are very expensive to feed, they’re eating a combination of raw chicken and fresh fish,” Richards said. “We also get rats and usually pick up some quail. Some of the foods are a little more expensive but the quantity of what they need is really where we fall short.”

EDITOR NOTE: *The video above is courtesy of Nikki Richards*

The organization will take several steps to make sure that the eagle recovers properly, but when the time comes, they will put him in a 100-foot cage enclosure that way they can safely test his flying abilities.

However, it will likely be several weeks before they even consider releasing him back into the wild.

For those who would like to donate, Richards said they can do so by visiting ftwl.org.