TYLER, Texas (KETK) — During the summer scammers will look out for homes that are needing A/C, roof or other home repairs.

“The main thing I would do is not answer my door unless I was expecting someone to come,” said Sheryl Zuck, Tyler resident.

They will come knocking on your door without you calling first, something Sheryl Zuck knows well.

“Always double check who these folks are with. If they are pulling up in an unmarked car, they’re not dressed in some sort of official looking uniform, that should be a red flag immediately that, OK, there is something up with these folks. It is OK to take their information and say ‘you know what let me look into you, we’ll call you,'” said Coleman Swierc, communication manager for BBB of East Texas.

That’s why it is always best to do your research before agreeing to hire anyone.

“Talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors. Don’t be afraid to go around your neighborhood and say ‘hey has anybody ever done business with this person or this person or this company,'” said Swierc.

Scammers aren’t just active online, they can also walk straight up to your front door.

“I can not stress this enough. You did not win a free trip if you did not enter a contest for a free trip,” said Swierc.

When traveling you also have to be on the look out for scammers. The internet is full of scams claiming to give you discounted deals on plane tickets, car rentals and hotels.

“I don’t open anything that comes across my social media that I’m not familiar with, and I don’t put any of my personal information on there,” said Zuck.

Know the company you are buying from and doing your research keeps you safe.

“I find it to be very offensive to try to prey on senior citizens, and I just wish people would be honest and truthful and not try to take peoples money, especially in these hard times,” said Zuck.

Officials saying if it sounds too good to be true, then it is.