UPDATE: Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace went live on Facebook with an update on their search for “a well-known criminal,” announcing that the man they had been searching for was captured.

The sheriff issued a notice Tuesday afternoon and said Zachary Banks was wanted by authorities.

Photo courtesy of Sheriff Woody Wallace.

In the Facebook Live, Banks appeared to share a brief exchange with the sheriff on camera. The video appears to show Banks telling Wallace “I got tired” after Wallace announced he was caught.

“Yeah, I bet you did,” Wallace responded. “You were going to get caught, you weren’t going nowhere. You came to the wrong county, partner.”

As Banks was being led away by deputies, Wallace said he will serve “a lot of time.”

“He thought he could outrun us in Trinity County, but it didn’t happen,” Wallace said. “He’d been running all day, but he finally screwed up.”

Wallace thanked the public for giving tips that led to his arrest, and the arrest of others. Wallace said Banks came from Cherokee County after stealing a vehicle.

“He came to a few of his meth-headed buddies house, which led to several of them getting arrested with lots of meth being discovered,” Wallace said. “Now we have this guy in custody.”

TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – A BOLO was issued on Tuesday in Trinity County while search and scent dogs are being deployed in the Rock Creek subdivision.

The Be On the Lookout message said it is unknown if the man, identified as Zachary Banks, is armed, and asks the public to use caution.

Sheriff Woody Wallace said Banks is on the run in the Trinity Cove area after he was found in a stolen trailer and led deputies on a pursuit before running.

“We are going to find this guy if it’s the last thing I do today,” Wallace said. “He is a well-known criminal.”

Banks is described by authorities as a white male, mid-30s. He is 5’8″ with short red brown hair with a beard and mustache. He is said to be wearing a white t-shirt under a short-sleeved dark shirt, blue jeans and light colored boots.

“He has multiple tattoos including a ‘P’ on the right eye and a ‘W’ on the left eye,” officials said.

Wallace said that while looking for Banks, the truck led to a home where guns and 61 grams of meth were found. There were six people and an infant in the home, according to Wallace, and it is where Banks is believed to have stayed Monday night.

“Lock your doors and get the keys out of your vehicles,” Wallace said.

Anyone who sees Banks is asked to call 911.