A controversial tweet, sent out from a Brook Hill fan page Friday afternoon, sparked outrage online.
The page, BH Family, sent out a racially-charged tweet ahead of their basketball game against All Saints. 
The tweet said, “All Saints tonight @ their place! Come blacked out…girls-6:00 guys-8:00. #byebarrack.” Along with this tweet, an emoji of a black man, and a moon were attached. 
The tweet caused several people to reach out, asking for it to be taken down and an apology be issued. 
A few hours later the tweet was deleted and another tweet was sent saying quote,” Easy everyone. Was not trying to get under anyone’s skin. We will change the theme if that helps at all.” 
The backlash continued, until the Twitter page was set to private Saturday afternoon, and then later shut down.
Brook Hill Headmaster Rob Fletcher said they are not connected to the Twitter page, and that it is using their name and brand without school’s permission. 
He writes- 
“As a community of diverse individuals from more than 25 countries and many ethnic backgrounds, The Brook Hill School emphatically rejects racism of any kind. 
“Regrettably, yesterday an unacceptable and offensive tweet was posted on an unsanctioned, non-Brook Hill twitter account that used The Brook Hill School logo without permission. This private, independent account was never managed or endorsed by The Brook Hill School.
“We believe that all people, regardless of race or ethnic background, are created equal in the image of God and we strive to instill that love for humanity in the hearts and minds of our students.
“We intend to use this opportunity to help our students understand the seriousness of their words and actions. We are looking into this incident with great care and will take appropriate action.
“I am disappointed that this incident occurred and I am saddened for any hurt that has been caused.”
Along with the tweet, there have been comments from people about an alleged incident which happened at the basketball game Friday evening at All Saints. 
KETK cannot confirm the specifics of the incident. 

The athletic director for All Saints says they are not going to comment on the situation. 
One of the players who was reportedly involved says he is okay, but will not go into specifics about what happened.