LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK)- Keundrea Brantley is a single mom from Longview and she said getting help from Buckner Children and Family Services has been a blessing.

“Being able to have the support to be able to have the school uniform, the supplies that we need, offering eye exams, that kind of takes a little bit of stress off of the mom,” said Keundrea Brantley, mother.

Through the school supply train at Longview First Baptist Church, she was able to participate in getting a backpack filled with things for class for her son, health screens and a meal box all free of charge.

“You know, to be able to get those things done in a one-stop shop all at the same time, so it just kind of has the, the convenience of being able to do it and the support as well,” said Brantley.

“When a family is having a financial hardship, this meets a huge need for them,” said Shelly Smith, Director of Administration and Operations, Buckner Children and Family Services.

Along with helping families with items for the classroom Shelly Smith with Buckner Children and Family Services says they partnered with local radio station KVNE to give children a new pair of shoes.

“We collected over 1500, which was huge for us, it’s the most we’ve collected in years, it was super exciting,” said Smith.

“Such a blessing to be able to fit shoes on the kids and see them walk off with smiles on their faces, and for them to have a great school year,” said Jennifer Hopson with the Young Men’s Service League.

The 125 volunteers got to see first-hand how what they are doing is impacting the community.

“Seeing all of the smiles, I mean, we have made a difference in someone else’s life today, and it’s just so great to see that they appreciate what we’re doing for them,” said Tristan Richardson, UT Tyler nursing student.

Brantley is grateful she has the help this year as she gets back into the workforce as a new college graduate.

“Being able to get that support while I’m getting back into the swing of life, being back into the work feel, to be able to have that support, to kind of bridge the gap as I’m on my way to the next step,” said Brantley.