BULLARD, Texas (KETK) – The Bullard Fire Department is teaching youth 14 to 17 years old what it takes to be a firefighter.

“We bring in the youth to give them the opportunity to see and do the things that we do in the fire and EMS field,” said Captain Grady Grammer, Bullard Fire Department.

They meet once a month to practice drills like EMS, and firefighter combat.

“We are here, we are doing our drills, we are training for the fire games and a lot of it is a lot of learning,” said 15-year-old Devin Nelson, Lieutenant Public Information Officer, Bullard Junior Fire Department.

During their training, they learn how to assess a scene, calm a patient down and how to perform CPR.

“I really enjoy doing the EMS drill because you get like hands-on, you can do hands-on stuff,” said 14-year-old Addyson Michel, Bullard Junior Fire Department.

Bullard Junior Fire Department

It’s not all about honing in on their skills. The group will be competing on April 22 at the fire games in Rowlett. Last year they placed first in their EMS drills and they hope to do it again.

“We are hoping to do really well, we know what we did wrong, we know what we can do better,” said Nelson.

Whether they win or lose captain Grady Grammer says he hopes the teenagers take away life skills.

“We don’t only do things that are on a fire truck or in a field looking for somebody,” said Captain Grammer.

He adds he couldn’t be prouder of his junior firefighters.