BULLARD, Texas (KETK) — The City of Bullard has been on a third-stage water conservation notice since Sunday.

KETK checked in with residents to see what they think could be going on.

“Well, probably not going to have pretty green grass,” said Bullard resident Missy Wilson.

People living in Bullard are familiar with conserving water. The city said it’s because of a maintenance issue on a main well.

“Main water producing wells that have had a mechanical failure that has caused the world to drop almost 200 gallons per minute of production,” said Bullard City Manager David Hortman.

Residents told KETK they are used to having to watch their water.

“It’s been an ongoing issue. I believe with so many people moving in Bullard we’re growing so quickly that that’s part of our issue is just added water supply not being enough to cover everyone,” said Wilson.

Hortman hopes this is temporary, as the fix is in the works.

“We do have parts ordered, we have everything, except for one part of course and we’re at the mercy of the company that has to build this pump,” said Hortman. 

Currently, outdoor watering is not permitted on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. On other days, people have to follow a schedule based on their address.

“Not going to be good for them, and people with garden and they’re going have to figure out a way to keep your plants watered,” said Wilson.

And if you water your lawn on the wrong day, fines range from $100 to $500.

Bullard neighbors realize these are issues of a growing town.

“Which makes you think that possibly we have so many people I think the building issue has a lot of it,” said Wilson.

City officials are now looking to increase the city’s capacity.

“We are in the process of looking, for properties for our next water well,” said Hortman.

Adding that they will only ask you to save water in case of an emergency.

“Be patient I understand that it is very, very inconvenient” said Hortman.

For now, the city explained that the repairs are at the mercy of part manufacturers.