BULLARD, Texas (KETK) — A mother in the Mosley Place neighborhood in Bullard, said she has had to change where she allows her children to play due to the speed of cars traveling through the neighborhood.

“That’s why we keep our kids in the driveway or on the grass, we don’t really allow them on the road,” the mother, who did not wish to be identified, said.

She says she fears for their safety because of the speeding cars around their block.

“The hardest part like on this street is the stop signs right there. A lot of the times people just go through the stop signs, as if they aren’t there, so that makes it hard you know. If I go on a walk with the kids, we have to be very careful on that corner,” said the Bullard mother.

The residential neighborhood has a school on each end, and at times there are children walking to and from bus stops or the campuses.

“It causes a lot of danger to speed. Any speed over what the posted speed is, down a residential street, especially during when school is in or school lets out,” said Andy Erbaugh, with the Tyler Police Department.

Erbaugh said drivers really have to watch out in neighborhoods because there are going to be kids out playing or families walking.

“Speeding through them can cause injury or death, and that is one thing we want to avoid,” said Erbaugh.

Another neighbor in Mosley Place, Tim Martin, said no one has been hurt yet, but he is worried it could happen if the lack of enforcement continues.

“Well, hitting people or property. I mean there are some, I’ve been backing out of my driveway a couple of times and had someone go into my neighbor’s yard to go around me, because they didn’t want to wait,” said Martin.

Residents want people to pay attention when driving through the area.

“If you see children outside or people outside, then at least slow down in the area of where you see people, ” said a Bullard mother.