BULLARD, Texas (KETK) – A Bullard woman arrested for financial crimes in early May, was arrested again on Friday and charged with the same crimes in a neighboring county.

Misty Adair, 46, was arrested for the same charges in addition to her current charges relating to misapplication of funds and theft of property. However, the warrant for her Friday arrest was issued by Henderson County.

Adair has been charged with misapplication of fiduciary property and theft of property between $2,500 and $30,000 by both counties, and her bond was set on Friday at $5,194.80 per charge.

Documents seen by detectives showed Adair had access to the Bullard “Youth for Agriculture” bank account since the organization’s 2019 establishment. Bullard Police confirmed that while they assisted Henderson County with their investigation, Adair was arrested on Friday for charges against a separate organization.

According to an affidavit, since the bank account was opened, over $7,000 worth of transactions had been made by Adair for personal expenses. This amount includes internet deposits into another bank account, along with debit card transactions.

Detectives noted in the affidavit that they were able to confirm through subpoenaed documents that “Adair had transferred $2,000 directly from the Youth for Agriculture account into her personal account.”

The affidavit also shows that Adair had deposited $5,879.80 back into the “Youth for Agriculture” account from her personal account.

The Bullard Police Department cited in the affidavit, that they received a report that showed concerns of improprieties of funds within the “Youth for Agriculture” organization.

A notice from Department of The Treasury Internal Revenue Service, addressed to “Youth for Agriculture,” shows that in 2019 the group “elected to be a non-profit organization, but further action was required to complete the process,” according to the detective.

In April, detectives conducted a suspect interview with Adair where they asked her about charges within the account including hotel bills, restaurants, GEXA energy, Suddenlink and Asurion Wireless.

“Adair stated that some of the account transactions were because she had confused the debit card,” the affidavit said. “Some she had left her personal card at home. Adair stated through her own admissions that she tried to make it right.”

Over a week later, detectives called Adair to schedule a second interview and to request receipts she told police she had “so that the charges in question could be cleared up.”

Adair is seen on camera footage entering the police department lobby, placing a file on the counter and walking out. The file contained receipts of transaction and a deposit slip.

The deposit slip left at the station shows that a deposit for $2,350 was made into the “Youth for Agriculture” bank account, and the branch president of the bank confirmed that the deposit was made by Adair.

Adair did not show up to her second interview, nor did she return phone calls and voicemails from detectives when they tried to contact her.

While the organization was able to fulfill its purpose of issuing checks to students for their projects, the investigation found in the affidavit that the amount they received was lower due to money being used for Adair’s personal expenses.

Detectives say the investigation is ongoing.