TYLER, Texas (KETK) — While many homes in East Texas have long, beautiful driveways with large trees and ornate gates, some driveways are not quite as accessible as they should be for emergency vehicles.

Smith County Chief Deputy Fire Marshal, Chad Hogue explained that there are plenty of things to consider for larger emergency vehicles to access homeowners’ driveways.

“So, residences can defiantly help out by posting clear addresses on their mailbox, and on their house as well,” said Hogue.

Addresses need to be at least three-inch reflective numbers and posted so they can be seen from both directions on the road.

“Make sure you post it on the fence beside it or the mailbox as well because when the gates are open, you can’t see the address,” said Hogue.

When it comes to clearance for firetrucks, remember what your landscape allows for. “Minimum of the 12-foot-wide driveway so that we can get the larger emergency vehicles down there, 13-foot of clearance. Keep vegetation, limbs, and everything trimmed up to 13-foot,” said Hogue.

Also mentioning that gates and cattle guards have also posed challenges before. If East Texans do not have clear accessibility, it does have an impact on first responders. “Extends the response time and not being able to get the equipment up to where they need it,” said Hogue.

Anything you can do to make driveway entry easier helps firefighters.

“Just depends on the situation, I mean whatever the emergency is they’re going to overcome it, it’s just a matter of how long and how much manpower it’s going to take,” said Hogue.

So, you and your loved ones are able to be reached in case of an emergency.