NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – Goodblend’s mobile medical marijuana dispensary, CannaBus, is on an eight-city tour to educate Texans.

“Adult-use recreational marijuana is not legal here in the state of Texas, but through the medical program you can still be involved with medical marijuana, which is different than hemp that you might get from a CBD store,” said patient advocate Terrence Baugh.

Goodblend says medical marijuana is not widely talked about, but they are hoping to change that.

“I have Crohn’s disease, which is an intestinal issue, and medication helps but honestly nothing helps has much as cannabis products,” said resident of Nacogdoches, Maya Morris.

There are more than 150 diseases and disorders that can qualify for medicinal use like PTSD and anxiety.

If you suffer from these conditions, Goodblend can put you in contact with a doctor and the process can be done from home.

“Their consultation and even place their order today online or on the phone, and that way they can get their product delivered to them within the next two to three days,” said Baugh.

Morris says she is grateful for the education work Goodblend does, because without them her body wouldn’t get the relief it needs.

Goodblend says their mobile dispensary can reach more people and medical marijuana can be a first option instead of a last resort.

“It has really amazing benefits for all kind of disorders, and I think more people should know about that and I’m interested to more about it,” said Morris.

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