CANTON, Texas (KETK) – After praying for rain for so long, some East Texans received more than they bargained for with this week’s heavy rains and flooding, and the city of Canton was hit hard by the storm.

As a result of this week’s heavy rainfall, parts of Van Zandt County flooded, including the county courthouse.

“It rained, and it rained. When I woke up the next morning, it was still raining,” said Lou Ann Everett, the mayor of Canton.

The water damage caused ceiling tiles to fall in a courtroom, almost hitting a court reporter in the middle of a trial. Trash cans and buckets were placed throughout the courthouse because of several leaks. The staff has also put fans to help dry out the building.

“It was huge, and it was flowing,” said Everett. “It was rushing very quickly. I have seen that before but not that much.”

Across the county, a few homes flooded, trees and power lines were downed, and streets were impacted even narrowing bridges down to a single lane. The First Monday Trade Days parking lot also flooded.

“I talked to the city manager, and we both lived here all of our lives. We agreed that was the biggest flooded First Monday grounds that we have ever seen,” said Everett.

On First Monday, the mayor says they expect the grounds to be open next weekend just in time for trade days.

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