CARTHAGE, Texas (KETK) — The Carthage ISD board of trustees unanimously approved a new compensation plan for employees for the 2022-2023 school year, which will raise every employee’s pay for the upcoming year.

According to Carthage ISD, the board recognizes that a quality staff is essential and they are committed to ensuring that CISD continues to recruit and retain the very best for the district. For this reason, every employee will receive a pay increase for the upcoming academic year.

“We place a tremendous amount of value on our employees and are fortunate to have a school board that provides unwavering support,” said Superintendent of Schools Jarrod Bitter. “Our board is committed to supporting competitive salaries for CISD employees to ensure that we are always in a position to attract and retain excellent people to serve our Bulldogs.”

The compensation plan includes a starting salary of $45,000 for new teachers, counselors, nurses and librarians as well as complementing adjustments to the steps in the salary schedule for the 2022-2023 school year. In addition to the salary increases, this same group of employees will receive a 4% raise as well for 2022-23.

The district said that paraprofessionals and auxiliary employees will receive a 3% increase in their salary while administrators and other professional staff will see a 2% increase.

Carthage ISD pays 100% of the individual employee’s premium for the TRS-ActiveCare Primary health plan and the district’s contribution may be applied to another TRS health plan options if the employee choses something other than TRS-ActiveCare Primary.

For employees in TEA/district designated shortage areas like math, science, and foreign language, Carthage ISD will provide a $2,500 stipend. The district says that classroom substitutes’ daily pay will increase to $100-$120 and extra duty hourly pay will increase to $35-$40 per hour with both rates depending on the certification level of the employee.

Carthage ISD said that the pay increases are part of a multi-year plan that places an emphasis on providing competitive compensation for all staff, prioritizes teacher salaries and ensures that the best continue to choose Carthage ISD as their professional home.

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