CHAPEL HILL, Texas (KETK) – Chapel Hill Independent School District is calling for a $113.9 million bond in May, school officials said on Monday.

The funds will be used to build a new Junior High School, Career and Technical Education Center, Multi-purpose Activity Center, Operations Facility, purchase additional items for classrooms and improve safety.

“I urge Chapel Hill voters to educate themselves on the proposed bond and make an informed decision during May’s elections,” said Les Schminkey, the Chapel Hill ISD Board President. 

Board members unanimously approved the decision to call for a school bond.

“I think it’s the taxes. Everyone thinks the taxes will be really high… but I think it’s definitely  worth it,” said George Palacios, a Chapel Hill ISD father.

The school district has one of the lowest tax rates in East Texas. The bond includes three propositions, and if all of them pass, the tax rate will grow by .27 cents.

If a resident’s home has a value of $100,000, then the tax would increase to about $13.53 per month.

See below for more information on the bond propositions:

The following proposed projects are listed under Prop A:

1. Build a new Junior High School at 3102 East 5th Street, Tyler, Texas 75701

  • Description: The proposed plan relocates the Junior High School to its own property with adequate acreage, circulation access, and facilities. The relocation offers 37 acres, the recommended space for a Junior High School. The property would accommodate students by providing sufficient space for academic classrooms, science and computer labs, music rooms, rehearsal halls and a gymnasium with locker rooms to accommodate students. 
  • History: Chapel Hill Junior High has been a part of the Chapel Hill community since 1974. The current facility houses seventh and eighth grade students and shares property with the Chapel Hill High School. 
  • Cost: The estimated cost is $60,373,000.

2. Build six new classrooms at both Jackson Elementary and Wise Elementary.

  • Description: The proposed plan adds new classroom additions connected to the main building which are designed to ensure secure and safe connections for students during activity transitions. 
  • Cost: The estimated cost is $4,326,000 for Jackson Elementary and $3,998,000 for Wise Elementary. 

3. Build a new Career and Technical Education facility connecting to the Chapel Hill High School.

  • Description: The proposed plan would fund the construction of a new facility connected to the main building and is designed to improve safety for High School students and provide adaptability for the new education model, the Academies of Chapel Hill, equipped with modern classrooms and technical workshops for 21st-century learning environments. 
  • History: The current facility was built in 1966 and is located southwest of the Chapel Hill High School grounds. The facility houses the Special Education Department including skills ready students, and 14 trade and career ready programs.
  • Cost: The estimated cost is $19,938,000.

The following proposed projects are listed under Prop B:

  • Build a Multi-purpose Activity Center northeast of the Chapel Hill High School.
  • Description: The enclosed facility is designed to provide a safe environment for physical wellness, allowing students to participate in a variety of activities including 19 UIL organizations in the district such as band, dance, cheer and athletics. The proposed location of the 57,000 square foot multi-purpose activity center is between Bulldog Stadium and the High School parking lot. 
  • Cost: The estimated cost is $13,595,000. 

The following proposed projects are listed under Prop C:

  • Build a new Operations Facility at 10777 County Road 210, Tyler, TX 75707
  • Description: The new facility aims to provide employees with safe and adequate facilities, including accommodation for the Transportation, Child Nutrition, Maintenance, Shipping and Receiving Departments. The new facility would feature adequate workshops, warehousing, in-school bus parking, wash and fueling stations. 
  • Cost: The estimated cost is $5,485,000.

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