NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KETK) – A charging e-cigarette reportedly was the cause of a small fire that broke out in a dorm at Stephen F. Austin Wednesday night.

According to the SFA Police Department, a small fire broke out in a single room in Lumberjack Landing. UPD, Nacogdoches Fire and EMS responded.

UPD said the flames started in a room on the third floor as a result of a charging plug issue with an e-cigarette, which activated the fire alarm and sprinkler system. Fifteen rooms were affected by water from the sprinkler system.

There were no injuries and everyone evacuated without issue, UPD said.

On Facebook, UPD shared a flyer on e-cigarette fire safety from FEMA. Tips on staying fire-safe with e-cigarette usage include:

  • Do not charge your e-cigarette with a phone or tablet charger
  • Replace the batteries if they get wet or damaged
  • Do not charge your e-cigarette overnight
  • Protect your e-cigarette from extreme temperatures
  • Store loose batteries for your e-cigarette in a case and keep them away from metal objects.