BIG SANDY, Texas (KETK)- A Christian academy in Big Sandy is training the next generation of first responders.

The International Alert Academy puts young men through basic, emergency response, and advanced training. This is so they can help people during emergencies.

On Friday, men with the Air Land Resource Team held their preview day to show off some of the skills they’ve learned.

Back in April, members of the faith-based program helped find 5-year-old Hayden Wilcox, after he went missing from his home in Arp.

“For a missing person we try to get on the road ASAP. Almost all the time we can cancel class for the guys for the day, which is what we did,” said Phillip Vanderford Battalion Commanding Officer at the academ y.

Alert Academy has also helped people struggling during Hurricane Harvey. They were sent to Victoria to assist in the relief efforts.

The teams repaired houses and cleaned up debris.

If you’re interested in joining alert. The academy is only open to young men 17 years and older.

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