TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Texas has suffered an extremely hot and dry summer, which is bad news for Christmas tree production.

“The drought that we had this past this growing season will probably affect the seed supply so its subsequent years, so next year and the following, they might expect to encounter seed shortages,” said Aaron Stottlemyer, forest analyst with Agri-life.

With a lack of seed supply, the Christmas tree cycle is delayed. This means fewer trees next holiday season and more money spent.

“Consumers might expect to pay maybe 20-25% (more) for their Christmas trees this year,” said Stottlemyer.

The drought’s effects hit suppliers in East Texas

“We did lose some of our trees that we planted in January, so we’ll have to replant this year,” said the owner of Plantation Pines, Heather Reed.

Thankfully for Plantation Pines in Tyler, this year’s harvest is still in good condition.

“They were secure through the drought and established with a good root system and things like that help with withstand the summer,” said Reed.

Reed said they used nonstop irrigation this summer to help her crop, but she is grateful for the recent showers.

“We are very thankful for the rain that we’ve had because as we irrigate we can’t irrigate all at one time and obviously rain can replenish everything at the same time,” said Reed.

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