TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The pandemic has forced hospitals to take a unique approach as they face a shortage of nurses.

“The typical legacy ways that we’ve recruited aren’t as effective as they used to be so we really thought out of the box this time,” said CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Health System’s Chief Nurse Executive, Teresa Halcomb.

Christus Good Shepard Health System will now be offering a $1,500 cash payment to people who refer medical workers. The referrals can be family, friends, or neighbors with at least one year of registered nurse experience.

“This recruitment campaign is critical as we transition back to our current status after the last 18 months,” said Halcomb.  “We value the opinion of our patients and our community, and if they can help us connect with highly skilled nurses who would complement our experienced and talented staff, we want to reward that.”

Emergency room nurses, critical care nurses, general room nurses, med surge nurses, and even some surgical positions are all needed right now.

Halcomb added, “This is a true real win-win scenario. Successful referrals are rewarded with a cash bonus, and the referred nurse has the opportunity for a rewarding career as part of CHRISTUS Good Shepherd’s faith-based care for East Texas.”

Anyone from the general public qualifies for the cash incentive but they will need to make sure their name is on the nurse’s employment application to receive this bonus.

Eligibility and complete details on the referral bonus are online at christusgoodshepherd.org/referanurse.