ALTO, Texas (KETK) – April 2022 marks the three-year anniversary since a deadly tornado hit the city of Alto. Throughout the years, the town has still been in the process of rebuilding.

Several places have been getting improvements, like the Caddo mounds state historic site. Two people died after a twister slammed into this area of Cherokee County.

The destruction tornadoes brought to the Alto area was unprecedented.

“When the storm hit we were in the closet and it picked the house upset it off the block blew the roof off and the rain came in on us,” said James Skinner, an Alto resident.

In 2022, people who live near the Caddo mounds historical site said the old museums were decimated by the severe weather.

“Everything was just gone. My house and all the cars that were over at the museum were just piled up on each other…just cars in the trees and everything,” said Marga Johnson, Alto resident.

Another place that was hit hard was Alto ISD.

The school district learned from the disaster and is having a new wing built that can double up as a tornado shelter.

It will be able to hold almost every student in the district if another tornado happens.

“That’s really great that they’re doing that because you don’t know when they’re going to come,” said Johnson.

Johnsons said she was thankful her family could still rebuild and move forward.

“Just a blessing I mean everything was destroyed but we can replace it we are all still here together,” said Johnson.