ATHENS, Texas (KETK) – On Friday and Saturday, the Athens courthouse lawn was filled with people from all over enjoying live music and food.

Fiddlers of all ages, all experience levels and players of all styles took the stage to show what they have.

“They’re so talented,” said Traci Wilkes with the Fiddler committee. “It’s like a family.”

East Texans crowded around the stage to hear fiddlers play their hearts out.

“Oh my gosh it’s wonderful mainly because it makes a lot of people happy and smile,” said Wilkes. “There is a lot going on this weekend and I just love to see everyone out and there are people that come from all over Texas.”

Wilkes added that at the last Fiddler reunion, some people from Canada attended the event.

“They all have their different styles, but in general it’s kind of all the same music,” said Hyatt Hopkins a guitar player at the event.

Each fiddler vyed for the judge’s attention hoping to get first place.

“Make it sound like your own, to have a little bit of individual style and charisma and performance ability on the stage,” said Katie Crawford, a fiddler contest judge.

All that mattered was coming together and having fun.

“Well really I find these just a big party, kind of everyone get together and kind of gets to see all your friends and play music, and me personally I come here I have to play guitar all day. So, I go up on stage and a company all the fiddle players and try my hardest to keep it in the groove,” said Hopkins.