JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KETK) — Garage sales are a good way for people to either make or save money. With inflation at record highs, many East Texans are getting rid of their belongings at these sales to make some extra cash.

“I think they need to think about the citizens of the town, and listen to them,” said Steve Pate, Jacksonville resident.

Steve Pate is holding a garage sale in Jacksonville this weekend and is frustrated with the new city ordinance, saying he sees garage sales as a way to help bring in extra money.

“I just think that the economy like it is, gas prices, food shortage and food cost going up, I think that this is something that is a way that you can make extra money, and we all need that right now,” said Pate.

The City of Jacksonville put the new rules in place after receiving complaints that neighborhoods were too cluttered and it was hard to get in and out of driveways.

“Lots of cars coming in from out of town or other parts of town that were causing additional traffic in some of our residential neighborhoods,” said Daniel Seguin, Jacksonville Communications Director

The City Council came up with a plan that they say would keep the town looking its best while still allowing these types of sales.

“The intention was to allow people to still have those garage sales, get rid of stuff they don’t need anymore, but to try and keep that business activity in the commercial areas,” said Seguin.

On the weekends you can see garage sale signs anywhere you go, but now the City of Jacksonville is putting a limit on how many garage sales a person can hold throughout the year.

“We believe a majority of people don’t want to have perpetual garage sales. They become an eye sore, sometimes stuff is left out in the rain. It can just get really bad for that neighborhood and bring that neighborhood down,” said Seguin.

The City says people are only allowed one garage sale every six months. Items bought for intent to resale is prohibited and you can not go longer than three days.

“I don’t think there’s any problem with having them, because I think it’s good. People need to buy things that their kids need at a garage sale price,” said Pate.

Steve Pate saying as long as people keep things clean and pick up their signs after the three days there shouldn’t be a problem, and a limit should have never been set.