LINDALE, Texas (KETK) – On Tuesday, the City of Lindale failed to become the 12th ‘sanctuary city for the unborn.’

The organization, Right to Life is spearheading the efforts by expanding sanctuary cities throughout Texas and the country after making Waskom the first in Texas.

On Tuesday evening, Lindale held their city council meeting but it did not go as planned for many residents. On the agenda was an expectation to make Lindale a ‘sanctuary city for the unborn.’

The city passed a resolution but failed to pass an ordinance.

A resolution is a statement to others around the world that the City of Lindale condemns abortion. However, an ordinance creates an agreement between the city and residents that no abortions or abortion clinics would be accepted within the area.

Despite residents’ disappointment in the city, they continue on the path of making Lindale a ‘sanctuary city.’

“There’s deep concern that this bloodshed going on at a national level.. If we as a nation are all guilty of bloodshed, then the thing to do is to bear fruit in keeping with repentance, that is what we are doing tonight,” said Paul Francher, resident.

Mark Dickson, director of Right to Life East Texas was at the meeting and spoke about one of the emails he received after the meeting.

” I’m having to deal with all these emails and all these phone calls coming in from the people of Lindale, and I promise you, if every single council member was receiving the amount of calls and emails and stories like I am from the citizens of Lindale, they would have voted yes for that ordinance,” he said.

Advocates supporting pro-choice argue that ordinances cannot actually outlaw abortion, pointing the Roe v. Wade decision.

During the city council meeting, the city attorney explained that there is no way to enforce the ordinance.

“Does the city do an ordinance, that really isn’t an ordinance because it has no enforcement provisions or do you a resolution that clearly says what the people of Lindale say,” Glen Patrick said.

After Tuesday’s meeting, Lindale joins three other cities that have denied the ordinance. However, the Right to LIfe East East Texas group and many residents aren’t giving up.