PALESTINE, Texas (KETK) – Palestine will start spraying for mosquitos next Monday starting at 9 p.m. until 5 a.m.

The process involves truck-mounted mosquito spraying units that “disperse a chemical in the form of fog that settles and kills certain types of mosquitoes,” according to the city. The adulticide they use to kill mosquitos is known as Aqua-Reslin, a water-based chemical.

The adulticide, made by Bayer, is advertised for use only by federal, state, tribal or local government officials for use in public health or vector control, or by another agency authorized by the government to perform mosquito control.

The city of Palestine contracts the spraying to Vector Disease Control International, which provides cities, counties and mosquito abatement programs across the United States with mosquito management services.

The spraying will continue on Tuesday for areas one, two and three of the city, outlined below:

  • Area 1, courtesy of the city of Palestine
  • Area 2, courtesy of the city of Palestine
  • Area 3, courtesy of the city of Palestine

Then areas four, five and six will be sprayed Thursday and Friday, June 8 and 9.

  • Area 4, courtesy of the city of Palestine
  • Area 5, courtesy of the city of Palestine
  • Area 6, courtesy of the city of Palestine

All areas of Palestine accessible via public street will be sprayed. Public schools, areas around nursing homes, hospitals and medical clinics, public parks and recreational areas, and areas where standing water is prevalent will be sprayed first.

Residents can make mosquito complaints to the City of Palestine Development Services Department, Environmental Services Division, at 903-731-8435.